Should I get a friend for my bossy male siamese?

by jojo

Wanting some advise!! I have a 3 year old siamese boy and he is my baby. I loe him so much and he is very very bossy. He is very rough with his toys and can occasionally bite me- no blood though! I live with my mum so when I go to work she is in to give him attention. In acouple of year I will be moving out and he will be on his own for hours everyday. Do you suggest I get another cat, a female so he has company? Like I said, he can be rough and he can be very possessive. Thankyou

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Jan 02, 2012
Companion for Male Siamese
by: Anonymous

When I adopted my fourth Siamese, who was a 5-month-old kitten, his older "brother" by two years adopted the kitten like he was his own. It worked out well.
If you and your mum want a second cat, and I believe that is always the question to answer first, I think a companion cat could be nice for your current Siamese. Should you decide to adopt, I would recommend adopting a younger cat and thinking of the new cat as your older cat's "cat." Get to know the new one with your current to new cat through your older one to offset jealousy issues. May sound a little odd, but if your current cat can establish "ownership," his bossiness that you describe might be used to advantage. Good luck!

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