15week old Siamese won't stop crying and my part Siamese kitten seems to hate her

Hi I have a 21 week old Siamese cross kitten who needed a friend to play with when ever I'm not around. I just bought a 15 week old Siamese kitten who is tiny and won't stop crying all day and night. She is eating fine but never stops crying for more than a few seconds. Also my Siamese cross does not like her. She hisses and growls at the younger kitten and pounces next to her to scare her. We keep them separate when we are not around but there is a glass door separating them so they can see each other. I keep exchanging blankets so they get used to each others smells. I'm sure they will be friends soon but it's the meowing that's hard to deal with. My neighbours must be able to hear, she is very loud and high pitched just like a baby. Is there anything I can do to comfort her when I'm not there? She had plenty of toys & hiding places/blankets. Any advice would be very helpful!! Thanks

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Sep 01, 2011
meowing kitten
by: Anonymous

Hi. Be patient. I would try leaving a heating pad in a "nest" area for the kitten to snuggle into. Your other cat might appreciate that too ! Maybe the older cat is trying to entertain the new kitten.

I integrated a burmese with a siamese. The burmese are very gentle and patient and the siamese kitten was a pain in the butt :) They are 4 and 5 yrs old now. The siamese still tries to nurse the burmese. Grrr. But they are the best of friends... good combination.

Aug 31, 2011
15 week old Siamese
by: Lynn

It sounds like you are doing the right things. Female cats show more dominance than males, especially in Siamese.

In time they will get use to each other, or learn to coexist. The fact that she is only 15 weeks should not threaten the older cat as much, but she is use to being the dominant cat in the house, and she will continue to be the alpha cat.

I am sorry about the meowing, Siamese are the most vocal cats of all.

All I can say is just give them time.

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