16 year old Siamese males making very loud sounds

by karima

I have 3 elderly male Siamese cats (one is 16 and two are 15 years of age). They have all begun to make very loud bellowing noises at times. Is this natural behavior?

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Dec 08, 2012
Maybe going deaf
by: Anonymous

Sometimes when cats get old and begin to lose hearing they start yowling to themselves because they can't hear. They get louder and more belligerent because they are upset or they are testing their own hearing. Have the ears checked if this is a new behavior. If it's not new... then it's just the siamese personality

Dec 05, 2012
Loud sounds . . . gone now, sadly.
by: Anonymous

I would give anything to be able to hear that bellowing again, but my sweet darling passed this year at the age of 18 years. I will never forget him.

Dec 05, 2012
they hear things outside
by: Anonymous

for siamese males cats...abnormal is normal..Mine does the same if something "is going on in catland" out there beyond the door and window...
anxious and emotional and territorial

Nov 27, 2012
Bellowing / Screaming or whatever!
by: Karen

My Choc point is now 11 years old. Over the past few months he's started making this loud bellowing noise all through the night. He's always been loud but this is ridiculous. He's wakening the kids up frequently through the night. He's driving me insane! We have a little female cat, same age, they've grown up together and usually sleep together in their nice fat, fluffy bed. He does love to sleep beside my partner and I too but we can't be bothered with his claws and snoring. He also tends to walk about the pillows and stand on our heads. I'm just wondering if this crazy loud noise is a separation anxiety problem or if he just loves being loud and annoying. He's such a lovely, good natured boy though. I just wish he'd shut up lol. I wish you could hear the noise!

Aug 01, 2011
weird nioses
by: Anonymous

I have a 15 yr. old male siamese cat and one night he made a wicked niose. I stopped to see what he was up too. I had never heard him sound like that before.I thought about running in my room and getting out the holy water.From reading other blogs, I guess this is normal.

Jun 07, 2011
Siamese Growling
by: Kay

I too have a senior male siamese who quite often when he comes in from outside, walks up the hall growling and won't stop, I have tried talking him out of it (ha), overtalking him (no luck). It's the same when I put something in his food bowl that he doesn't want. I tell him that's it or go without, and he immediately starts, it's quite funny as you can see he's seriously put out, but when he's finished complaining and knows that I won't put anything else down (eg prawns) he gives in and does eat it (with bad grace). He only started this trait about 18 months ago, up till then it was just the ordinary siamese meow.

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