26 year old Siamese - Koko

Our sweet Koko - 26 in actual years has started having litter box issues despite being careful with her toilet habits all of her life. We have tried putting pee-pee pads under her litter box, as it seems she thinks she is doing what she is supposed to - in the litter box. Koko has always been an indoor cat and an ideal pet for our family. Are there any Siamese owners who can give us advice as to what we can do?

Thank you,
B. Family

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Oct 19, 2011
My thoughts are with you.
by: Anonymous

I extend my sympathy for the loss of your dear Koko.

Oct 16, 2011
sad for your loss.
by: Charlie, s.e.QLD, Australia.

I am so sorry for your loss, 26 years is long time for a cat to live and your family must have been so close to her and it will make it harder to get over her passing, i hope you will get another siamese kitten not to replace her,but to move forward and get on with life.

i lost my Crystal 4 years ago and i still think about her everyday. she was the only cat i ever had that had human-like facial expressions, i kid you not,concerned (when i was sad,upset) bliss (when she had kittens, when she was on my lap getting patted) alert anger (chasing the python,then waiting for it to come back, for months)
inquisitive ( when i came home)

most cats will avoid you for 10 mins or more when you come home after being away 2-10 days or more then they come over to you and cuddle,purr and tell you how much they missed you,this was the way mako and gizmo treated me its like at first they are angry at you for being away.
Crystal was different, soon as i opened the car door she jumped on my lap and would start loud purring and tell me how much she missed me
she was incredible.

read her stories in siamese stories on this site.
crystal the purfect cat.
crystal vs the snake.
crystal rescues baby chickens.

god bless you and your family.


Oct 11, 2011
26 Year Old Koko
by: Sue B.

A visit to the vet - had 26 year old Koko lovingly and mercifully put to sleep. :-(

Oct 09, 2011
litter box problems
by: Lynn

There is most likely a medical problem with Koko... bless her little heart, to be 26 years old is amazing. At that age Diabetes might be a problem. And just as with the comment below, kidney problems are also common too. Have her checked out at the vet. Please let us know how she is doing.

Oct 06, 2011
Did you take her to the vet ?
by: angelina diantonio

Her vision could be going.She could be having Kidney or thyroid problems. Take her to get checked !!!!

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