9 month kitten climbing on things

by JT

My 9-month-old kitten has started climbing on things she is not allowed to be on....she had a huge 5ft tall kitty condo...tonight she climbed on the fireplace and broke a very special piece of pottery that is irreplaceable...about ready to sell her to someone else

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Jul 03, 2019
Kitten climbing on things
by: Lynn

When they are that young, they will do things like that. They see things high up and that is where they want to be, that is their nature to climb. I've seen my Siamese crawl up into trees 50 feet up in the air, and it scares me to death, but that is what they do.

I have gotten to the point because I have 5 cats to not have breakables in my house. I have one cat, a sweet tuxedo cat, that makes it a point to knock things down. He does so to get my attention or get me up in the morning. Like spoons or a bottle of vitamins, bowls... he knocks my mouse off my computer at least a couple of time a day.

And it's also not good to punish cats for doing things like that. This can cause anxiety in your cat. Cats handle anxiety very different than dogs.

Sometimes I use a spray bottle, and it works sometimes but know that cats will do what they want to do, so when you are not around, they will go in any place that they want to go.

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