I am sorry this has taken so long to come. The technical aspect of the newsletter has been a little confusing due to my lack of knowledge of things of this nature.

One thing I am doing is encouraging all to send in their best Siamese cat pictures of their beloved felines. Go here to vote on the cutest picture and to contact me to send your own picture: https://www.we-are-siamese.com/cat-pictures.html. The winner, with the permission of the sender, will have their kitty front and center on my home page. The home page of https://www.we-are-siamese.com gets the highest amount of traffic so the winner will be seen by a lot of people.

So I would like to converse about a personal story of mine, so this relates very close to home. It also has to do with my present Siamese “Sweetie”; she is often also called “Princess”. I have had Sweetie now for a little over a year. When I started my website, it was dedicated to my first cat ever “Pudge” who of course was a Siamese. Pudge completely changed my perception of how I viewed cats. I realized through Pudge that cats were secretly plotting world domination; after all they so easily control their humans. This makes cats, Siamese in particular, the smartest living creature on the planet.

Litter Box Problems: It is a fact that most cats end up at a pound or shelter due to not using the litter box. Through previous years of having a multi-cat home I would occasionally experience bouts of my cats “thinking outside the box”. But these problems where easily solved. When I brought “Sweetie” home she had been living outdoors in the county for two years. Many people living outdoors in the south typically have ferrell cats living around their homes. Sweetie was partially tamed, coming up to be fed, and the occasional petting. Sweetie lived at a relative’s house that I was visiting; when I saw her I just had to have her, her beauty mesmerized me.

Making Sweetie an indoor cat (This story has a happy ending because persistence and patience will prevail)

Siamese are known for being the best house cats… not Sweetie. I kept her in a safe room for about a week. She was very unhappy and angry, and from the very beginning refused to use the litter box. Or actually she would use it once, and then use the carpet. I brought her out to the rest of my house. She would become even more unhappy and angry, especially having to share the house with other cats. I had been using one very large litter box for all my cats (I have three other) cats). Sweetie refused to use the litter box, and or multiple litter boxes. I tried different types of litters and litter box locations, but nothing seemed to work. She also seemed very unhappy living indoors. So I decided to try to make her an indoor/outdoor cat. I made her a very nice house in my garage, up high on a platform, with a latter to get to. This is where I fed and watered her. She seemed to like and prefer the outdoors. Sometimes I would let her in, though not on her own accord. It bothered me having her outdoors…. And then winter came. Last winter (winter of 2008/2009) was one of the coldest in many years here in West TN, with many consecutive nights of single digit temperatures. So I would bring her in days at a time. This resulted in the use of a steam vac to clean up cat urine and feces. Lets’ just say that the REAL problem was right in front of my face, but I did not see it (hint, hint this problem gets resolved).

So finally spring gets here. By this time Sweetie would often go in and out. We started to change the location of the litter box, than eventually ended up with three litter boxes. Sweetie would use the litter boxes as long as they had not been soiled in. So we started to clean the three litter boxes about 3 times a day. Oh My!!!! She started to use the litter box all the time as long as we kept them extremely clean. Oh and guess what? Sweetie also preferred to stay in all the time. So Sweetie is a full time indoor cat! She is not just an indoor cat, she is THE indoor cat. What do you expect? She is a Siamese, she rules the house! She tolerates the other cats and coexists with them, though she would probably prefer to be the only cat in order to have all the human attention. The problem was staring at me in the face; Sweetie was picky about litter box usage. It has to be completely clean. Life and daily stuff might have our minds preoccupied to not see the answers that are actually simple. Sweetie is now the indoor Siamese that demands attention, always has something to say, and whose full time occupation is lap sitting and bossing (at least trying to) the other cats.

I told you this story has a happy ending.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at lynn@we-are-siamese.com.

Thanks, Lynn