A few questions about my male cat

by Tara L

So I have a few questions about my male Siamese cat named Rolo. I have always had very laid back relaxed cats, all male. he however has a very different disposition, he isn't yet a year old so he is still young but he is wild!! we also have an older female cat and he will occasionally lay down in front of her and just latch on to the front of her neck, stopping every once in a while to lick her. she just lays there so it cant be hurting her but, is he trying to hurt her? its hard enough that I can feel the pressure when I stick my hand in the way to stop him but not enough to hurt. he also chews my fingers A LOT he will only chew on mine and at first I would stop him but it seems really comforting to him and it doesn't hurt so I let him now. could this be because he was weaned to early? the vet believes he was 5 weeks when we got him.

second, he will make this terribly crying sound every once in a while and I have no idea why! is this a Siamese thing? there is never anything wrong, sometimes I think its just his way of saying "hey pay attention to me now!" but I don't know.

third, this one is more for my own curiosity. does anyone have an opinion on whether they think he is pure bred or a mix? the texture of his fur is like cotton, we were thinking maybe mixed with a Himalayan?

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Apr 14, 2020
by: Peter

Sounds like typical Siamese behavior.

Apr 07, 2012
Thanks for the quick replies!
by: Tara L

Hey thanks for the quick replies, I'm glad to know that the crying sound seems to be normal, I am a little over cautious with him and the things he does just because he was so young and a little sick when he came into our lives. I'm also glad to here that him biting our female cat is just a dominance thing and not him actually trying to hurt him lol.

He really is such a sweet cat, I just did not know much about Siamese cats when we got him, he was a complete surprise addition to the house. We think he is mixed with a hymalayan because apparently the woman who was back yard breeding her cats was trying to pass them off as rag dolls to un suspecting people. Not sure if the mother rejected him or if the woman removed him from the litter because he wasn't fluffy enough to pass as one but when we got him at 5 ish weeks he was fully weened but only weight just over a pound. With the ets help though he has grown to be a nice big boy.

Apr 06, 2012
sounds like normal kitty stuff
by: my2wins

My 6 month old male cat does the same biting neck thing to his twin sister. An experienced cat owner friend told me this is normal cat behavior, and that usually one has to show dominance over the other by grooming. The one that's dominant usually grooms the other one, she said. And in between groomings they run around rough housing with each other, with usually a tackle and neck bite. 90% of the time its the male tackling and neck biting, but every once in a while she'll get him. This is all play as far as I'm concerned. No one seems to be upset. If you watch National Geographic you see youngster lions playing the same way.

Every once in a while (less than once a month), the girl hollers out once she's in a head lock, and I run over and separate them. Otherwise they run back and forth all day trading off who chases whom, and who bites whom.

On the talking thing, that's so normal for a siamese, especially males. My male walks around just calling out to anyone who will listen. We usually try talking back to him and he seems to appreciate it.

I had a different male siamese over 20 years ago and he was the mellowest guy in the world. Like a sleepy lion with a sweet personality. My new little guy is quite active and if you pick him up, 1 out of 10 times you'll get a cuddle, and the other 9 times you'll get a squirming, swatting, wiggle worm. But my guess is that once he's over one or two, he'll slow down and become a typical mellow siamese dude. I can tell he's got the same great personality as my other guy, but he's so much younger that I'm guessing he is too full of energy now.

Your guy looks gorgeous. Looks like he has some Himalayan mixed in, but just a guess.

Apr 06, 2012
Very cute kitten
by: Lin

He is really cute. I have two Siamese cats a male and a female. The female is one year older than the male. When I first got my male kitten he was about 13 weeks old and he used to bite the female neck all the time. It looked like he was bullying her but she never seemed to mind. He is 7 months old now and both have been fixed. They are best friend now always playing and cuddlling up together. He still seems to bite her neck sometimes but she will peck him like a bird on the hed and he stops. Maybe its just a male cat thing.
Both my Siamese have really loud voices and chat all the time. I love the way Siamame cats chat the almost sound like there in pain .

Apr 06, 2012
Male cat
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

The sucking and biting could be because he was weaned too early. They should stay with the mother at least 12 weeks to learn everything from her and to be nursed.

The crying is very typical Siamese, male call.

The photo would imply that the kitten is too fluffy to be a thoroughbred Siamese, so I suspect that there is a mix there, maybe HImalayan, it is difficult to know, but with the chocolate or seal points, they have very fine flat fur.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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