A Love Story

by Sue
(Cookeville, Tn USA)

A cool spot on a sunny day

A cool spot on a sunny day

Keisha was turned in at our local animal shelter, where I volunteered once a week. She appeared to be a very shy kitty, rather bedraggled looking, stayed in the back of her cage most of the time. Four years prior I had lost the first Siamese I had ever known, my constant companion of fifteen years, whom I had loved with all my heart, and had that love returned day by day. I saw many Siamese kitties come and go during those years at the shelter, but I was waiting for that special one to come along and heal my heart. There was something about this particular little creature that drew me in and I decided to take my chances with her. At home she stepped out of the carrier, took a good look around, her tail shot straight up in the air, a sure sign that all is well in a cat's world, and all shyness instantly disappeared. After meeting our other four cats she decided that she would prefer to be an only cat and tried to evict the others. That idea met with some resistence on my part and eventually she settled in and learnt to live with them all. In the following months her looks also underwent a metamorphosis, the ugly duckling turned into a swan. Whilst no cat could ever replace that first Siamese, whose name , of course, was Keisha, this little mousekins has done wonders for my heart and I love her dearly.

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Jul 11, 2012
Cat People!
by: John K. Benfield, III

All these stories are beautiful, and precious. And, Siameses are indeed most special and generally much smarter than humans.
As all true animal lovers and Cat People in particular certainly already know, every single Cat that has ever lived or will ever live are the most incredible Beings. I feel truly sorry for those humans that say things like " It's just a cat. " They can never know what they miss!!!
I thank God each and every day for the Cats that He has sent to me throughout my life !!!!

Thank you,


Mar 09, 2012
Lost love
by: Anonymous

I just lost the love of my life, "Miss Kitty" who was 18 years old. She was not Siamese, but like this breed was devoted to me and my best friend. She would always announce when it was time to get up and when it was time to go to bed. Every night she shared my pillow in the bed.

After reading the comments, I hope to find another Ms.Kitty, it seems the Siamese breed has the endearing traits that I want.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Feb 18, 2012
My special boys.
by: Anonymous

I had the good luck to be offered the chance to adopt 2 Siamese brothers. They had been well loved but their owner fell ill and at 6 years old they needed a new home.

As luck would have it, they decided that my familiy would be suitable for them and moved right in.

They are the funniest and most sensitive cats I have ever known. One is a Lilac Point and the other a Blue Point...they have both "chosen" me as their special person and that can lead to some funny attempts at both getting on my lap at once!

they also sit in odd places and love to frighten visitors by jumping down from shelves suddenly.

They sleep under my desk in my office and only come out when it is time for me to read my children their bedtme story, then they sit beside the children and listen to the story!

once the children are in bed, then the boys come out to play! They do pop out to see the kids now and then in the day but prefer night time as they are obviously "adults" and like adult company best.

They are wonderful and I love them so much.

Aug 23, 2011
Your story
by: Anonymous

I have a siamese cat and she's my world. Your story is much like mine. I saw Gretal and her sister at the vets office eight years ago and once I saw her I fell in love with her. I don't regret getting her and never will. She is a darling and I would never give her up or let anything bad happen to her.

May 28, 2011
I love Siamese cats so much
by: Michelle from New Zealand

I love Siamese cats so much too.
I love these cats so much too. I would never be without them. I now have 8 pure bred Siamese that I love with all of my heart. 7 Seal Points + one very special Chocolate Point girl with a traditional kink in her tail. They all have very different personalities. 1 year old Simba just loves to spring me from behind and jump from quite a distance - landing straight on top of my shoulders. He never misses. Narla's kittens are now 4 weeks old. They are just starting to explore, eat a little solid meat, and they suck their tiny claws just like a 6 month old human baby would suck it's thumb. I love this breed so much because they are so loyal, faithful and intelligent. They always want to please their owner and make them feel proud.
Simba is an excellent hunter and has learned to growl like his dad if he hears late night prowlers lurking outside in the darkness. I would love to meet more people who really love these cats just as much as I do!

Dec 28, 2010
Beautiful story
by: judy from Long Island

I've had Siamese for most of my adult life and will never be without one. Two of my current four are purebred rescues. My Lilac Point is so shy that she was in two homes before she found her forever home here; Jasmine, my Chocolate Point,(see my previous posts) is typical Siamese and like all of the ones I've had throughout the years....bossy, opinionated and thoroughly, adorably lovable. Best of luck with your new girl...she's beautiful and, though she'll never replace any other, will give you the devotion and love as only a Siamese can.

Nov 01, 2010
My pair of Siamese
by: Anonymous

As a newly wed, I was "gifted" with a year and a half old purebred Seal point and her two month old daughter. The daughter had been traumitized by rough play by the former owner's chidren. It took two years to have her voluntarily sit on our laps but from then on she just got more and more
clingy. They would ride my husband's shoulders around the house and were never far from either of us. Mom cat died at almost 20 and "Mouse" died in her sleep 6 months later. I still miss them.
I always recommended to anyone interested in being owned by a Siamese to spend a day with someone who has one. They are LOUD, demanding and lovable but also require nerves of steel and loads of patience.

Aug 20, 2010
siamese cats just 2 cool!
by: Anonymous

We had 2 previously & owls got them on our farm, still hurts. We now have 2 new babies,Doc & Miss Kitty, they are going to be inside cats. their intellegence is simply amazing! they are so cute & smart.We have raised a lot of cats 50+ and have never seen a pair that are so independent & loving! We have a tom cat that my wife nutured back to health & he has mothered 6 batches of kittens!(cleaning them and nuturing them.) We own a lot of animals but cats are the best. We have 16 now & they all come when called by name!they are a lot smarter than given credit for.No mice on our farm! Neighbor has tons of mice , but has no cats!

May 02, 2010
Beautiful Kitty, Beautiful Story
by: Mary, Servant to a Siames

There is no cat like the Siamese; there just isn't, although ALL cats are precious. Siamese, however, are not for the WEAK of heart and possess the highest degree of self esteem imaginable. I have learned much from both my Master and Mistress, Sir Anthony and Queen Christina! My boy's favorite two words are: "Mom, NOW!"

Nov 21, 2009
Lucky Keisha
by: Annet

Hi Sue,

Nice to read this nice story here on this site!
Keisha indeed has been a beautiful siamese lady!
Not a good start, but what a nice home she has now. It coudn't be better!
I wish you have many healthy and nice years with Keisha!

Many purrs and a paw from Keisha's friend Flush, and his mates Daantje , Tobias and their servant Annet!

Nov 21, 2009
Beautiful Keisha
by: Anonymous

Your story brought tears to my eyes. Keisha is beautiful!

This page is a great addition to my site.




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