A New Cat Tree

So why am I writing this page about a new cat tree? Well, this is significant, not only has the old cat tree been torn to practically shreds, I decided that something needs to be done quickly about my cats tearing up the door frames and carpets of a new house that I am renting. 

I made another big move, to a new place, new job, new house.  It's a really nice house too, and my landlord, who is a rancher, was not very keen on the idea that I had indoor cats. I was desperate, not being able to find a rental. My new job is about 30 miles out side of Springfield MO, and even though I was looking in small surrounding towns, I found out that rentals in these surrounding towns went really fast. 

When I first talked to my landlord, he had quickly rented out another place, and told me that he was moving into another ranch house on his property and that this one would be available. So I convinced him that I wanted the place, and that he needed to rent it to me... which took while to convince. So yes, I chipped away and got the place.

The old cat tree, well, its been through 4 moves. It's been a great cat tree, I remember that there were little hanging mice on it, those lasted maybe a a few days? In the picture above it doesn't look too bad, but if you look at the bottom, there is blue on one of the scratching post... that's because there is no longer any rope on it. This time, I spent two days fixing it up. I bought rope at a true value store, it was so expensive, 20 feet was about 15 dollars, and as you can see on the bottom right, it only fixed one. There are 10 scratching posts, so it was way too expensive to buy enough rope to repair all the posts. 

Putting up a New Cat Tree

I was so excited about the new giant cat toy. I purchased it from Chewy. I have grown to really love getting stuff from Chewy. They have all kinds of stuff and I even save on cat food, especially when it goes on sale. Here is the link: Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo.  I was especially excited to have the actual instructions for putting up this cat tree, I had lost my old cat tree instructions long ago, along with important other parts. As you can see, I had plenty of help. The cats were so excited about their new tree. 

A New Cat Tree and a New Beginning

Getting excited about a new cat tree is more than just getting a new cat tree. It's about fresh starts and new beginnings. My daughter is now 18, and she is getting ready to start college.  She will be attending MSU Springfield, living on campus, but she will not be far away, after all I am close by, this is one of the reasons I made this move. My sweet daughter, who grew up with cats, who love cats, and they so much love her. 

It is sort of a bittersweet change, but I am so excited for her to find herself, and be her own person. With me, I am starting at a new job, teaching at a very small rural school. I will be teaching 7-12 grade science. Change is good. 

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