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Jan 30, 2012
all girls
by: angelina diantonio

It is so funny this topic came up.I come from a family of 95% women.Both grandmothers had 12 children each,10 girls and 2 boys.All our dogs and cats the same.My grandmother did have a male siamese growing up,but you get my point about all girls.My first babies were twin sisters.When I was lucky enough to see my new kittens I was told they were sisters.From the photos I thought one looked like a male.I asked several times and the rescue told me they were both females.My only worry was all I could think of is the male dogs that hump.Well after we became one big happy family one day Romeo was sitting on my lap.As he got up right before my eyes two little balls popped right out.I said well you are a boy.We are one big happy family.I love him so and can not imagine my life without him.Long story short why don't you take the cat and try to interact with a few different cats and see who would make the best fit.Most rescues that I know encourage this.Good luck and keep us posted!!!

Jan 30, 2012
kitten with older male siamese
by: Rob

thanks to the both of you for your feedback. I hear you about a female!! I've always had male cats so a female seems somewhat "foreign" to me. How does a female act compared to a male and, with regard to spraying, my male is neutered, doesn't that make a difference with spraying? again thx for your feedback

Jan 30, 2012
New kitten
by: Beatrice

HI there,

I have a young female cat Chocolate Point Siamese, 1.5 years old with my old crochety Lilac Burmese male, who is 11 years old and she drives him mad. She came from a large family of 10 kittens and loves company. She is swinging out of his tail and trying to play with him and all he wants to do is to sleep.

May I suggest a female kitten, as there will be too much rivalry between males and you will have a lot of spraying in the house as each will be trying to mark their territory. A docile female, and one who does not come from a large family!.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jan 30, 2012
girl kitten will most compatible
by: my2wins

a little girl kitten would probably be the best fit. My 10 year old male siamese loved the little girl kitten we brought into the family, and he lived happily for 11 more years after she joined the family.

When he was in his elderly years, I sincerly believe that she kept him comfortable and healthy for a lot longer than he would have been without her.

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