a stray siamese cat

by charde
(South africa Western Cape)

My name is Charde I have recently become an owner of a siamese stray cat, I've started to feed the poor thing. I first found it on my bed when I walk to my room it ran out but when I called it back it came back and has not left since, I don't think its an adult yet it still looks pretty small but its not a kitten its in between. Its a boy cat its marked it territory every where already I'm my flat, its really dirty can I give him a bath? Is there anything a need to know about this kitty? Oh and I also have hamsters

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Jul 22, 2012
stray NEW
by: Anonymous

Congratulations! You're a new mommy. If you're going to keep it the first thing--other than cleaning it up--is to have it neutered so it won't mark it's territory. You might want to wear heavy rubber gloves if you give him a bath, sometimes they will bite. Or maybe you could take it to a groomer who may be used to doing this. Then just love him.

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