Abby's Bad Behavior

by Carol
(Bayside, NY, USA)

My beloved Siamese, Abby, has a bad habit of jumping on me and scratching me. It can happen when I tell her something she doesn't like, like "get down" or it could also happen unexpectedly, for no apparent reason. She often does this from behind my back, like it's a game and she's hunting some prey. She has hurt me and drawn blood at times. The behavior seems to have increased lately and I feel like I can't trust her. I adopted her when she was 1 and she's 3 now. She's smart, playful and affectionate also. Just this one terrible habit. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Oct 02, 2011
new habit
by: Anonymous

teach her a new habit.. new toy with lots of
talking and praise.. maybe a treat too. a colorful
or feathery toy and fetch... game starts on a chair
or sofa when u sit down. they are super smart animals. she'll pick up on it quickly.

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