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About me, hello my name is Lynn. I live in a very small town in outside of Springfield Missouri in the USA. I live with my beautiful daughter and five very naughty felines. 

I got my first cat in 1990. I never had a cat before, and I was not too delighted about it. After all, cats did not make good pets because they are very aloof and nonsocial. This first cat was a Siamese. She was not wanted by her owners because she had difficulty having kittens. She would not nurse them, and had to be held down, and forced to feed her kittens. The people who had her were not too pleased with her and were going to put her out doors as an outside cat. This was in Iowa during the winter. So, I felt sorry for the cat and took her.

This cat immediately got under my skin, and continuously talked to me. I was very puzzled by this extremely sociable, talkative cat. She had me hooked from the start. After she went through heat I had her spayed. Those of you who know Siamese can imagine what a Siamese is like in heat. Afterwards she gained a few pounds (she was very skinny at first) and I named her “Pudge”. She really loved that name especially “Pudge kitty”.

Pudge and me

This is me and Pudge, her sitting on her favorite place, my shoulder.

This Siamese rocked my world, and made me change my whole concept about cats. She made me a cat person. I love all cats, but the Siamese will always have a special place in my heart. They have distinctive personalities that set them apart from other cats. Their extremely social nature, inquisitiveness, neurotic behavior, cuddliness, talkativeness, and especially how they train their human sets them apart.

Pudge is the inspiration for building this website. I wanted to dedicate it to the Siamese, and everything about the Siamese. I also wanted to give good information about how to take care of your Siamese and cats in general. As you can tell, it is a work in progress. There are still many topics for me to cover.


Sweet Pudge on top of the computer monitor.

Pudge left this world May of 2002 and waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge . She had breast cancer. I often wonder if her breast cancer might had been associated with why she did not nurse her kittens. One of the reasons why mother cats do not nurse their kittens is because their estrogen and progesterone are off. When a female cat is spayed, especially after they had litters, then they have a greater risk of breast cancer. 

I still mourn her death, I will never forget her. The hurt I feel in my heart is as strong as it was when I buried her. Pudge became a part of my soul and I know that I will one day be with her again. 

I also want to build a newsletter about Siamese cats all over the world. I would love to have your pictures and story of your cats. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send me an email.

Thanks for visiting my site.


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