Adopted 2 year old antagonistic siamese cat

by John Mack
(Fountain Hills AZ)

I just adopted a 2-year-old former Siamese show cat who was then used to breed. I have had her four weeks and she is still very opposed to me touching her at all. She has gotten to the point where she will purr when I am close and will "roll on the ground" when I am close by. But if I attempt to pet her, she attacks me - and even if my hand is close, she goes into attack mode. This morning she was in her climber and when I came close she attacked me and scratched my face. What can I do about this cat behavior problem?

Is this normal behavior? I have had cats my entire life and have adopted adult cats but I never experienced anything like this.

Note: We have two Bengal cats in the house who tolerate her presence. They don't seem to bother her as she just avoids them and they avoid her.

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Jul 02, 2019
Neurotic Siamese Cats
by: Lynn

Hi Beatrice and John

Yes, Siamese takes "crazy" to the next level.

But if you have a need to take her to the vet then you are just going to have to piss her off. It's just like how last week I gave one of my cats a pill!

If you have two people to do this then it's even better. I got Peeves to the vet (the one who scratched up my face). I had my daughter hold open the carrier while I picked him up by scruffing him. Scruffing the cat biologically relaxes them. That is how mamma cats carry their young.

Believe it or not she most likely already trusts you. After all, you are the one who feeds her. Scruff her and if needed wrap her up in a towel and put her in the carrier. I know that she is going to act like she hates you, and act like you are killing her but she will get over it.

I had my black kitty wrapped tightly in a towel, foaming at the mouth as I made her swallow a pill. Of course, I got scratched and she tried to wiggle out of the towel but I got it down her. She acted like I tried to kill her... but an hour later she totally forgave me.

Siamese cats overdo all their drama! I promise, she will forgive you.

Jul 02, 2019
by: John

One of the concerns I have is that if I can't pick her up or touch her, how do I take her to the vet if she needs to go? She has had loose stools since I got her, but I can't physically "contain" her to the point of getting her into a carrier to take to the vet. What do you do?

Jul 02, 2019
by: Beatrice

Hi there, my choc point Siamese cat Pandy will not allow me touch her. She follows me everywhere, sleeps on my pillow and sits on my lap, but as soon as I attempt to touch her, out comes the defensive swipe. Is it a breed thing? I wonder.

Jul 02, 2019
by: John Mack

Thanks -- great suggestions. I ordered the Feliway. I will let you know how it goes.

Jul 01, 2019
Your two year old show cat
by: Lynn

Cats can be very strange and neurotic, and sometimes I wonder if Siamese can be even more to those extremes. I wonder if she was neglected or mistreated. My recent cat, who decided to make a home at my house is very much the same way. But I know for a fact that he was abused because I had seen him being kicked. It took months of gradual manipulation for him to let me pet him.

One way I snuck in the gradual pets was to touch him a little bit at a time while he was eating. He was more interested in eating than getting angry at me petting him. Gradually he didn't mind me touching him and became less skittish and angry. Still, though, he goes crazy at times. Last year I was sitting on my deck and he decided to jump in my lap, and here I am thinking he is getting over his anger, then suddenly he used both paws and scratched up my face really bad.

Try using a little bit of cat behavior. Try petting her while she is preoccupied, just little pets, and also try to do it without making eye contact, or while your eyes are closed. I know it sounds stupid but eye contact between cats is a sign of aggression. So looking straight into their eyes are makes them go into attack mode.

I promise a little at a time will bring her along. Peeves the cat that stretched my face? He has come such a long way and his behavior has improved greatly. But I and my daughter call him "cray-cray" or "ginger nightmare" I think he will always be a little strange.

Cats are so complicated and there are usually reasons why they develope cat behavior problems.

Another suggestion is to use "Feliway" its a plugin cat pheromone, I have used it and it really helps a lot with pet aggression.

Thanks for finding my site and posting.


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