Adopted by Siamese

by Alondra
(Oakland, CA)

A siamese cat recently adopted me at my old apartment. He has always been quite the talker and can even be pretty demanding. Since he and I have really bonded I took him with me to my new apartment. At my old place my roommate was home often and could let him outside when I was at work. My new place is on the top floor of an apartment so besides checking out the roof occasionally he's inside most of the time. He snuck past me last week and got out into the building. Thankfully I found him a couple of hours later but now he won't stop crying at the door whenever I'm home. I'm afraid he's really unhappy although as soon as I pick him up he stops crying. I can't carry him around all of the time! Some things that I recently found out about him was that his previous owner was an elderly woman who passed away shortly before he showed up in my backyard. Also he's not neutered, but I was told he's probably about 12 years old, so I'm not sure if'd make much of a difference in his personality. Lastly, before he showed up in my backyard he'd been an indoor cat, so I had hoped he'd adjust to indoor living again, but after his taste of freedom the other day he just won't give up. Any suggestions as to whether neutering is ok at his age, and clever ways to keep him entertained while I'm at work w/o having to get another cat. I love him a lot, but I don't want to him miserable!

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Jun 21, 2010
How is your kitty?
by: Lynn

I am sorry for not commenting sooner. How is your Siamese. Has he adjusted?


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