Adopting a Siamese

2 Siamese cats

2 Siamese cats

I am hoping to adopt a Siamese cat from our local shelter, they had a couple available. My question is ......... should I adopt a male or female, I have granddaughters age 6 & 7 who are very gentle with animals. Are males or females better being around children ? Thanks

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Jul 05, 2019
Adopting cat pleasssss
by: Daniela

Sana po magkaroon po ako ng persian siamese cat kasi po meron fin po kaming persian siamese cat na babae at lalake pero po yung lalake po ninakaw po kaya po magisa nlng po isa nmng pusa

Sep 15, 2012
Two is better than one
by: My2wins

I have always got one cat at a time, and last year I came into an opportunity to get two kittens which was not my plan or my intent. It turns out to be the best thing ever. They sleep and cuddle all day and have a few moments of wild play where they are as joyful as can be. It's pure bliss to watch. I will never have one cat alone from now on.

We have a boy and girl and they are both great with kids. The boy is actually more playful and gentle than his nervous little sister.

If you can get siblings it's always best and they will be happier and so will you (watching them play and groom together is pure entertainment).

I think boy/girl is the ideal combo. You get to experience the best of both worlds. Just be sure to get them fixed as early as possible. But two girls or two boys would work especially if sibling kittens.

I not siblings, it's less certain how they'll get along but it's still possible if you introduce them well and nurture their relationship.

There's a new TV show that is great and tells a lot about how to teach cats to coexist. "My Cat from Hell" which is hosted by Jackson Gallaxy. I think it's on the Animal Planet channel or you might be able to google it. I hate the title but the content is quite good. He's like a Dog Whisperer but of course for cats.

Sep 13, 2012
I have one of each.
by: angelina diantonio

I have a brother and sister. They are both so loving I cannot imagine our lives without them. I have always adopted 2 at the same time. I think 2 makes my family a perfit fit. They never get lonely. If I were you I would go and spend a little time with them.Take your grandkids if you have them. You should bond right away with your perfect match!!! Good luck and keep us posted.We love pictures!!!!

Sep 13, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I think females are better, they are less aggressive than the males and less inclined to bite or fight with other cats.

Hope this helps,


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