We are adopting a 4 year Siamese female and I wondering if you have an tips on how she might react to us or if this is a good idea?

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Mar 16, 2011
by: Ann

I adopted two male neutered Siamese recently. One is 4.5 and the other is 5.5. They arrived in the house on the same day and they do great together. The most important thing I have to remember is not to give one more attention than the other one. If you are adopting just the one you should be fine. Just remember they are very smart, sometimes very mischievious and each one is unique in their own way. You will be their
people, they are not your cat. :o)

Jan 08, 2010
Adopting Adult Cats
by: Lynn

I think that it is great that you adopted an adult Siamese. Adult cats get overlooked at Shelters. I feel so sorry for them.

Your Siamese will be fine. Just be patient with her. Siamese are very intelligent and can adapt with their surroundings very easily.

There are things to consider. Are there any other animals in your house? If so than introducing a new cat can take additional steps.

She may be a little afraid at first, and hide. Its best to keep her in a room to herself for a few days.

Keep me updated.


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