Adult Siamese hurting Rag Doll kitten

by Ruth

I have two lovely Siamese cats, recently I bought a rag doll kitten who is beautiful. One of the Siamese will not take to the kitten it has been two months. A lot of people I ask say let them fight it out but the Siamese gets really vicious and there is blood and fluff everywhere causing me stress how can i help this situation as getting rid of either cat is not an option please help


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Dec 31, 2010
by: angelina diantonio

It sounds like jealousy.Does the kitten get a lot of attention from everyone.Let the cats know how much you love them and that you should spend a little one on one time on each separate.My uncle had 2 cats that never got along .They fought in the beginning when the one was a kitten.They learned to stay away from each other.Then 6 months down the road they were best friends.

Dec 31, 2010
Bad Situation
by: judy from Long Island

Above all else, you must protect this kitten. Put it into a separate room with food and litter box. Could you please let us know the sexes of your existing cats, which one is the aggressor and what the sex is of the Ragdoll. If the Ragdoll is the same sex as the aggressor, that may be part of the problem and neutering the baby might help. Hissing and spitting is normal, blood and flying fur is dangerous; you may have to get professional help if the situation doesn't improve.

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