-Aeropostale- my siamese cat

by Ashley s.
(odessa tx us)

Aeropostale is my first Siamese cat he was born march 18 2009. His mother is a gray cat and his father is a Siamese cat. It was his mothers first time having babies and she abandoned him when he was just two days old. Luckily i had another cat that had babies a few days before Aeropostale was born so she took him in. But then someone stole her a week later.

I had to bottle feed him and now he is a year old and if he hears a bottle shaking he takes of running. Before we go to bed i wrap him in a blanket and he closes his eyes. I spoil him so much,when its time for lunch i "yell time for lunch",and comes and sits next to me i give him his food.
He gets mad when i forget to clean the litter he gets mad he will call me in the low meow voice and he doesn't use the restroom out sidelong he cleaned it his self he took me over there and i see the waste all over the floor.
Will that is my story about my Siamese cat thanks for
reading it!!!

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Oct 03, 2010
by: Heather

I love the part about the cat cleaning his own litter box out! OMG! I would just about die from laughter to have seen that day.

Sorry to hear about your stolen kitty! But if it had happened any sooner, you might not have taken in your new baby and it was good that she got the brief momma cat's milk. My cat recently got out and was gone for two weeks. I thought for sure someone stole him, but noooo.. his curiosity got him stuck under my neighbor's crawl space.

Aug 02, 2010
How cute
by: ashley

Thats my sun how cute he looks the other day i showed him a pohto of siamese cats and he got mad he started hissing at the photo, well i love my baby and how he loves on me when my grandma goes over he runs to her and she picks him up and he starts giving her kisses.How cute!!!:0

Jul 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing. Someone tried to steal my Persians about 8 years ago . I have my downstairs windows locked at all times now !Rarely do I open my windows now because I have two Siamese kittens with very sharp claws . I am afraid they will get out ! I just pay extra for air conditioning !!!! Well worth the peace of mind !

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