aggressive behavior to other cats

I just acquired an abandoned 1 year old fixed female seal;point Siamese who will not acccept my other cats.She reacts very violently and loudly and adter 2 weeks there is no improvement.

I have tried the feline hormone spray,gradually introducing the cats by holding them at safe distance,rubbing scents on each other-nothing works,she even attackes their beds due to the scent.She is otherwise in perfect health,I have had her at the vet,she screamed the whole time because she smelled other cats.
i want to keep there anything else i can try/

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Jun 29, 2015
Ursula behavior and update
by: mary

Siamese as a breed tend to be very territorial and vocal which means they can be very loud and will express their displeasure when something does not go their way.Ursula was abandoned in the snow over two years ago by a cruel family and only survived due to the kindness of neighbors of these people but still no one would give her a home until my friend told me about her situation.She had never been raised with any cats so when she smelled them upon coming to my house she reacted defensively -they were all considered enemies and even a pillow that smelled like a strange cat was open to claws and bites.After 2 months of having her live sequestered in my office with frequent oportuniuties to explore the house and look at everything three times we then gradually introduced her to out other 7 cats.Many were happy to extend the paw of friendship .Ursula charged ,growled,and swatted.In three days she learned that these cats were not going anywhere and she also learned that SOME cats were not going to take her nasty attitude and she was surprised when she got a slap to the face herself and was chased. Never any fights.This is how she learned to co exist.I supervised all of this and it all turned out fine.She still likes the occasional ambush and charge but it is never to hurt.Cats can be taught new behaviors even if they have never had the experiences before.And toys and food seem to bring everyone together, making things happen faster and easier.Like with people I feel we can teach cats how to treat each other.And again the "I shoud be the big cat" attitude seems to go with this breed.

Jul 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

She is getting along very well but she is a bully with some of the other cats who some times teach her a lesson by turning around and chasing her or slapping her back.She really enjoys aggressive play and this means with me too. But we love her and she is very happy. She has apermanent home here.

Jul 25, 2013
aggressive kitty
by: Anonymous

She is a really pretty girl her colour is lovely and I love her big ears and lovely blue eyes. I hope she has settled in with you now. It sounds like she came from a not so nice home. Thank got she found you and your family. Please let us know how she is getting on.

Apr 23, 2013
So happy for all of you!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I am so happy for all of you!!!!You are all so lucky to have found each other.I totally think that everything happens for a reason also.Keep us posted!!!If she lived in that bad situation she just needed time to feel secure and loved.I rescued two Persians who were severely abused and it took quite some time.They were the loves of my life for many years before they passed.I miss them so much!!!

Apr 22, 2013
by: m albright

it took a month but she is getting along with all the other cats and will be a permanent member of our home.We have named her ursula

Apr 22, 2013
by: M albright

Thank you for yout comments.Our meezer is now part of our multi cat family.We used positive reinforcement treats,time out in my office for bad behavior,and playing with the cats together to make our home settled.
I do not know if she was abused but she came from a home where there was domestic violence-when they split thy threw her outside but took 2 pitbulls.
Things happen for reason-now she has a permanent home and the future looks bright and she is getting along with the other cats.

Apr 12, 2013
by: angelina diantonio

First of all she is beautiful!!!!! It takes time and patience.Was this cat abused ,do you know any history???? It could take at least a month maybe even two.Trust me they will all learn to love each other.Separate them by a gate so they can sniff each other out.I did this between two rooms once.It takes time.I have rescued siblings since but here is my one story:

Apr 11, 2013
angry Siamese
by: Anonymous

You need to give her time. It could take weeks for her to settle in. I have two Siamese cats and they love each other they are always cuddled up washing each other. The younger one had to go to the vets a while back and when I bought him home his mate acted as if she hated him. Hissing and growling attaching him and me. After about a week they were fine again. The vet said this is very common when they come home smelling of other cats from the vets. Your little girl is just scared and angry with the other cats because she wants to be with you, but she does not want to share you. Please give it time it will be ok in the end. She is a really pretty girl.
I think and this just my opinion that the females are not as easy going as the males anyway. Your little one is a princess and she knows it. Best of luck

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