Aggressive Siamese

by Leanne
(Australia Victoria)

Hi I hope you can answer a few problems I am having with my chocolate speyed female to cut along story short she was given to us to early I estimate at 4 weeks of age as I had to feed her with a syringe she grew into a beautiful adult and I was given her mother pregnant as they no longer her wanted her she produced a litter of 5 we kept a female sealpoint and a beautiful chocolate male who had a completely kinked tail? Which we loved ,now first kitten we got grew and nurtured these 2 little bundle of joys and got along like a house on fire all were desexed and microchipped etc at a young age and including mum,, they are all 2 years and older two and a half now older sister attacks younger brother and often myself as well I treat all with same affection but are very careful with older sister as I have very bad scars from her when she's good she's very good when she's bad she becomes possessed with the devil her attitude towards her brother is always the same he is always, she never attacks her younger sister but will size up to her mother who does have a lovely nature please help we love her to bits and dont want to make the wrong decision or treat the problem incorrectly all our children are grown up so they have my attention 24/7 kind regards leanne ps she adores my husband and would never bite him he did not choose her she chose him go figure I feed her he doesn't .

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Apr 16, 2012
How long ?
by: angelina diantonio

How long have they been all together and how long has the agression been?

Apr 16, 2012
Aggressive Siamese,
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I suspect that she is jealous of all her siblings and mother now on her patch and she is desperately seeking to be no. 1 in your eyes, I also think she is confused. Ideally she should have been left on her own with you as that is how she grew up and she became very close to you as you replaced her mother at a very early age with the feedign via the syringe. I don't know what to say, unless you can separate them for certain times during the day, so that at least they are not all on top of each other together, or at least separate her from the mother and son, as these seem to be the two with whom the competition lies.

What about keeping her and getting a good home for the male?

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

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