I just lost one of two 16 year old female Siames cats, from the same litter. I've had them since they were kittens and the survivor is grieving terribly, cries all night, etc. I've tried everything without much luck, and it seems to be getting worse. She is eating, just not as voraciously as usual....

Suggestions? I can't bear the thought of losing this cat so soon after the other one, but I would rather put her down than have her continue to be miserable and sad.

A new Siamese kitten for her? Two kittens? Have looked throughout the state but can't find any....don't want a rescue Siamese or, necessarily, a 'show quality' kitten.


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Apr 22, 2010
mourning baby girl
by: Anonymous

I had a mourning baby girl - we spent the weekend in a cat and human huddle when Bhodi was put down, I then went out the next working day and came home that night with a little boy cat (meezer). Dharmie had been crying all day, she lost her voice, but after a bit of hissing she was chasing and harrassing Chaizie round the house. She now has Chaizie under her paw - and is ruling the roost again. I would suggest that the sex of the replacement cat and the breed (siamese) is the same as your dearly departed bubba.

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