by Krystal

Alix was born from a normal gray cat, Tippy. At first I thought he was going to be a albino. Then as he got older he started to get darker. He is so lovable, and energetic. When he was little he would sleep on my chest. Now that hes bigger, he still thinks he fits up there. He loves kneading on my squishy. He follows me around the house, and he loves sleeping. He got along with the kitten (shadow) that was here. They slept together, cleaned each other, played all the time. He misses shadow, the next morning shadow was gone, he was looking all over. He used to play with the little dog that lives here, but lost interest. He plays with imaginary things on the ground. Over all, hes a happy Siamese cat.

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Nov 15, 2009
What a cutie!
by: Anonymous

He is so adorable! Look at those paws! They are so cute!

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