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Dec 05, 2011
allergic to one cat over another
by: Anonymous

if you were not allergic to the other cats you may actually be allergic to the flea and tick medicines. Depending where you got the cat they may use advantage or similar which are meant to protect for at least a month and may be around longer. Hopefully you have already had the problem resolve but a bath does not remove the flea and tick treatment. Good luck

Nov 30, 2011
kitten fur
by: Amy F.

I know my allergies are coming from her because when she spends time napping in another room, I feel fine. But when she wakes up and jumps on my lap to snuggle with me, my nose instantly gets stuffy and itchy, and I start to sneeze. We've had her for a month now, and the other cats have given her plenty of their own personal baths, but I haven't tried an actual bath yet. I'm hoping that once she gets her adult fur it will go away!

Nov 29, 2011
Maybe it is seasonal allergies
by: angelina diantonio

Give the kitten a bath.I cannot image being allergic to one over the others.Have you changed or bought anything new in your house or car? It could be anything surrounding you.Have you eaten anything different? Used any kind of frangerance or cleaner? Keep us posted.

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