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by Taylor

I dont know what color my siamease is Skylar is a honey, cream, and a little brownish coat but her tips are a brown chocolate blueish color. She is very lovable and wants to be on my llap all the time, is it normal that they get like a sugar high randomly, and start bouncing off the wall for no reason? Also how do you know if they are lonely and feel neglected im a teenager with my parents divorced im only at my moms with my cat on every other weekend so i think she may be lonely.

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Feb 26, 2012
make her a mobile kitty? NEW
by: my2wins

Its normal for cats get a burst of energy and run all over like crazy. The younger they are, the more times throughout the day. The rest of the time they want to sleep and/or be cuddled. If you notice her pattern, she probably does the same things every day.

Its ideal to have two cats in my opinion, as they love companionship. But if she's been alone for a while, she's probably ok.

Hopefully she's 100% indoors. This is her best bet for living a healthy long life.

You can figure out her color by googling "siamese cat color point" and view images. See what she looks most like by comparing her color to other people's pictures. There are several colors and several patterns within the range of siamese and siamese mixes.

Can you ask your parents if they'd be willing to let you bring the cat with you back and forth when you move between houses? It might not be easy, but if my teen said it would help them adjust to the changes, and if they were very responsible about feeding and caring for the cat, (and cat box) I'd definately try to find a way to make it work -- even if I missed my cat.

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