my cat stopped using his tray a few days ago.he was standing in it and suddenly shot out of if he had got do i get him to start using it again.

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Jun 30, 2010
Litter box
by: Lynn

Is sounds like something has frightened your kitty. Try moving the litter box to a different location, or get another litter box. I have a multi-cat home and I have gone through times when one or more have stopped using the litter box, I know its very frustrating but understanding the problem is the key issue. Each time this has happened we have been able to solve the problem, so please be patient.

Here is a link about litter box problems.

Scroll down and their are other links under the titles "Solving Litter Box Problems"


"Preventing Problems with the Litter Box"

Having more than one litter box has worked WONDERS for me. My Siamese refuses to share a litter box, having multiple litter boxes and cleaning it out every day worked out most of the problems.

Tell me more about the situation and we will work through this.



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