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Feb 16, 2012
not the same dog
by: Vanessa-Ann

They said they have a pit bull not a bull terrier - although most people are scared of both breeds, but please, they are VERY diff breeds...

Jan 25, 2012
Angry Siamese
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

We do not know why some cats are feisty and others aren't. It's all in the genes. You were right not to have him ce-clawed, how horrid!. Just keep clipping the nails with a proper nail clippers.

He will need to socialise sooner rather than later, he cannot live in isolation on his own with a radio like an eccentric bachelor. He will find his own space and cats in particular are great survivors. Do it gradually and set down rules for him from the beginning. Any kind of unsociable behaviour is treated with a little tap, to let him know that that is unacceptable. My Burmese took to spraying our house when the Siamese arrived. Nothing was safe, it was so bad that he peed right into the TV one night as we were looking at it, and the picture totally froze up for 24 hours. But I shout at him now when I see him suatting and he runs. He knows. they always do!

Good luck with the training. I hope that he won't be too intimidated by the bull terrier, they can cause great fear among cats.

Best wishes,

Beatrice from Ireland.

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