by Ann
(England, UK)

I posted a question a few weeks ago about my lilac point siamese boy, Chino, only having one testicle. Since then he has been neutered but it was major surgery. The vet needed to open his abdomen to search for the missing testicle! Apparently it can be life threatening if a testicle is left behind because it becomes cancerous.

After 90 minutes in surgery the vet couldn't find anything and has suggested it could be a congenital fault that he only has one testicle. Even so, I need to keep a close eye on him over the next few weeks. If he displays any male cat tendancies it means the rogue testicle is lurking somewhere and producing hormones. In which case it's back for more intensive surgery.

I'm glad to say Chino is recovering well, albeit feeling very sorry for himself wearing a big plastic collar to stop him biting at his stitches.

Here he is with his half sister Coco, a little seal point siamese.

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Aug 11, 2011
by: Dan S.

Wow--my boy (Ziggy, the beautiful, Siamese pedigreed seal point, who is one and a half now,) had the same exact thing happen to him! The vet left me a voicemail that I still have and play to people saying, "Well, we've been in there for about an hour and it looks like your kitty was a uniball." Haha. He had to wear a cone too because he was nibbling at his stitches also. He recovered just fine, and never was not his Siamese self :0) Don't worry about finding the other one--the vet would've if it was in there. So rest easy, your guy will be good as new in no time--and due to their albinism (which causes their points-it's sort of a partial albinism where the parts of their body that get the least amount of heat turn a darker shade,) the little batch on his belly that was shaved for the surgery will grow back in a slightly darker, yet beautiful sheen. I wish you and your two the best! I got Ziggy when I was living in Manhattan just about to finish up film school. He loved my apartment, but I have since moved back to Pennsylvania, and he LOVES all of the free roaming/playing room :0) ) Take care!

Apr 26, 2010
OH MY! Hang In There
by: Darnel W.

I don't know much about what you're going through, but I think If you did a little more research on the matter you might come up with some thing that is bound to put you in the right direction sooner than you think. I have a chocolate point that gets herself into all sorts of predicaments and I just try to keep looking for the answer until I get the one that fits what's going on with her at that time. I also call the vet a lot with ?'s that you wouldn't think they'd mind answering. So just don't give up and all will come to you in good time and good sentiment.

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