Anna Marie - The greatest gift ever!

by Rachelle Coronado

Anna Marie, Anna Marie the prettiest little Siamese that ever be. Anna Marie, Anna Marie the greatest gift ever given to me.

I received a voice message from my friend telling me she had a gift for me. When I came home this is what it was A CAT?! My dear friend Michelle found a very young girl standing in front of a 7-11 crying because her dad said she could not keep her kitty. What a traumatic experience for both the child and kitten! I think Michelle knew I could not say No.

I was terrified that my Egyptian Mau would kill her as Anna Marie was so tiny and Bandit my male cat is so aggressive and strong. He had only cat syndrome for 2 yrs and was very possessive when he met her. She fit in the palm of one of my small hands.

The first night Anna Marie slept at my house she took over Bandit's sleeping area. When he tried to come lay down I took a double look at this beautiful little sapphire eyed angel. She growled like a big dog and hissed as a cougar would! To my surprise she kept her spot but not without protest from my Bandit. It took 6 months of acclimating these cats before I could leave them home alone. Bandit would chase her and beat her down any chance he could when I was home so I did not trust him. Anna Marie is the boss between the two cats 2 years later. He gave up his rank when he realized I had her back and was not happy with his temper tantrums and bullying of her. As little as she is she holds her ground quite well now. Typical Female and what a lil priss.

Often I find the two cats grooming each other and cuddling together but they split apart when they realize we caught them being nice to each other or they know we want a picture. As if we don't know they love each other. I adore her funny ways like resting in my bathroom sink while I get ready for work. She waits for me to turn the water on so she can get a drink of running water. She is not so kind to strangers unlike my social territorial Bandit. She will wait and watch a new human for sometimes 4 or 5 visits before she welcomes you to her temple. If she really knows she likes you she will come sit on the couch with our guest and stare or go lick your shoes. This is a total give away of a cat lover if she is doing that! We call her spider cat. She does hot laps around our house and launches on to my security door screen then talks to us as she climbs up the screen like a monkey hanging around on a tree limb. Sometimes she likes to get to the top and sit on top of the front door. Bandit's tail is one of her favorite toys and now we catch her instigating play time with him by tagging his tail. Usually, he does not know she is coming and Anna Marie knows it. She is just a bundle of joyous energy and has a lot to say as most Siamese are very vocal. Dinner time is when I laugh because her meow sounds so pathetic as if she is never going to get her dinner.

Her way of owning me and reminding me that I am hers and not the other way around is by laying between my legs and resting her forearm around my calve or my foot and licking my big toe. Dare I move, she will gently sink her not so little curved nails just enough into my skin or gently bite my big toe. She is telling me she is not done cuddling with me.

Sweet Sweet Little Anna Marie. They say cats were worshiped in ancient times by humans. I think my cats, especially Anna Marie know this and believes she is still a goddess.

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Jan 14, 2012
Lucky you
by: Anonymous

Anna Maria is very pretty. Lucky you.

Nov 25, 2011
Great story!!!!
by: angelina diantonio

Not only do you have a beautiful story but a beautiful cat.So happy you did not give up on the two of them.I wish you many happy years together.Keep us posted with more stories snd pictures.

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