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I have had siamese kittens since I was a teenager. I get so annoyed at people that are always saying they are harder to raise than other cats, that they are noisy, that they are mean or dirty. None of this is true. I have had many and they have all been sweet, smart, clean and none have been noisy. Mine have all had tiny delicate voices and never made a pest of themselves. All of those storys have hurt these beautiful cats. They are a pretty healthy breed but are suceptible to resporitory infection if not kept warm. They are inside cats. Pay no attention to lies and exagerations you hear.

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Mar 27, 2011
Siamese are excellent!
by: Charlie

Welcome to we are siamese.com b gile!
i was blessed with 3 gorgeous siamese cats: crystal,mako and gizmo.you can read their stories here.
no words can justify how good they are.

Mar 26, 2011
love my siamese
by: angelina diantonio

Love my siamese kittens.They are wonderful with my daughters who are 1 and 3.

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