by Carolynn W
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

Minnie and Lulu

Minnie and Lulu


My name is Carolynn and i have 2 cats. Minnie is a chocolate Siamese(2 1/2 years) and Lulu is a tabby cat(1 1/2 years old). Minnie took lulu under her wing when i brought her home and actually started producing milk for her and was constantly breast feeding her till she was 7 months old(or older)! They're constantly playing with each other and Minnie is always playing the mother role with lulu. Minnie, like most Siamese cats with their owners, is VERY attached to me. Shes my little shadow so when i go to bed she follows me(she actually always beats me there) and she curls up with me till I fall asleep. But every night Lulu tries her hardest to join in but Minnie either gets really jealous and sits at the very edge of the other side just watching us(i've been trying to involve them both so that this doesnt happen) or she chases her away with some play fighting( well i hope its playfight). I just wanna know if theres more that i can to do make her feel that its okay and i wanna know if this continues, will it get nastier?


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Feb 03, 2010
Siamese and their humans

Siamese are EXTREMELY territorial over their human. That is a Siamese trait. Minnie will most likely always be jealous of Lulu when it comes to you.

I think its incredible that Minnie adopted Lulu like it was her own kitten. I am sure that they have a very tight bond.

Hopefully in time Minnie will let Lulu also sleep on the bed.


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