Beloved Siamese

The Manny Look

The Manny Look

I got my first cat in 1981 from a pet store and for five years she was always sick, but she was a wonderful girl. I named her Moon Noel but I called her Boo. She was a guard cat. When someone came to the door, she'd growl to let me know someone was there as she heard them before me. Unfortunately I could no longer afford her medical care so I had to give her up and I cried for days. She was what they call a Snowshoe Siamese and the minute I saw her I fell in love. I still think of her often although because of her health problems she did turn a little grouchy. It took me a year to try another Siamese.

My second Siamese was a Blue-point and I named him Taco Bell. He was my first male but I didn't know he was male so when I took him to get spayed I was shocked to find out that 'she' was a 'he' so when the time came I had him neutered. I still have his baby pictures and comparing him next to a t.v. guide, it was bigger. He was an amazing cat. When a dear person passed away I was in a deep depression and Taco wouldn't leave my side. He would jump on my chest when I was lying down and wouldn't move. He got me through a tough time. I never would've made it without my Taco. He passed away three months shy of his 13th birthday in 2000 and he became very sick. But even at the end he was amazing. At the vet's office before I had to have him put to sleep because he was in pain and could no longer walk, he was on a table hooked up to an I.V. on a blanket. I was crying so much. He crawled closer to me so I could hug him. I didn't want to put him down. My Taco pawed my cheek which he'd never done as if to say "It's o.k. mommy. I'm ready. But you take your time. I can wait a little longer." With that he closed his eyes and purred until I was ready. I never knew a cat could show such empathy let alone knew what I had to do. I finally had the deed done holding his paw and he went quickly with the shot. Tears even came to the vet's eyes watching me cry my sorrow. I had Taco creamated and I have his ashes. I'll never forget my beloved Taco. He 'saved' my life, he understood my pain at having to put him at peace and we went through a lot of tough times.

A month after Taco died I got my present cat because I was so lonely. I knew the next cat could never replace Taco, but give me new love. I found an ad in the paper and I went. Interesting story about that. Since I'm directionally challenged I had to cab it and thank goodness he had a cell because we got lost even though I had the right address. I saw four kittens and the parents. The mother was mean, the father was awesome. I tried to take a kitten and he looked at me with psycho eyes so I picked another and put him on the couch. The kitten's owners after hearing of my difficult time finding them told me they knew I'd be a good parent because I wouldn't give up finding them.

Since all the kittens looked alike I didn't know who I picked. I put the kitten on the couch and the breeders examined him and told mr I picked a male. There was another male and a female. The kitten licked my finger when I asked if he wanted me to be his mom. I was smitten. The breeders were amazed too because they'd never seen their kittens ever react with a kiss. They said "You didn't really pick him. He picked you. because not only was I kissed but the kitten didn't run from me like the others.

My 'son's' name is Mandaac Tarzan named after my favorite actor who played Tarzan and an Apache named Mandaac and true to his name, Manny would sneak up like a silent Apache as a kitten, run up my back(OUCH) and hang onto my shoulder with his strong front legs like Tarzan holding on a swing vine. Needless to say I had to gently shake him off because his claws hurt too much.

I was told Manny was a Balinese Siamese and as you can see, he's hardly small. In October he'll be 11 years old. When I got a dog two years later he shocked me with his jelousy. He grabbed my puppy by the throat as if he were a lion holding down his kill and it was hard to get him off her. But they're good friends now after 8 years.

My Manny loves to be petted, and have his shoulders massaged when he sits on me and is he a purr box! Hearing impaired I can't hear it but I can sure feel his purr vibration. And one thing about Manny, when he wants something he wants it. I have to say yes to his supervision on my lap while I computer or he'll do nothing but slap me on the shoulder until I let him on my lap where he hunkers down like he owns me. As I write Manny is on the little table beside me. That's the great thing about Siamese. They want to be with you. Manny could just as easily be elsewhere.

When I'm on the couch he plunks his bigness on close to my neck, and licks my neck and cheek.I have no idea if it's his form of grooming me, but I love the affection and his tongue isn't so rough as to rub skin raw. When he was a kitten he used to nurse my belly. I don't know if he was weaned too soon, but he doesn't do that any more after he accidentally used teeth and I reacted not too well. He'll nuzzle me as if he'll try it again but he doesn't. He'll just purr as he hunkers closer against me.

As a kitten I called him Mandy which he never responded to but he responded instantly to Manny and the name stuck.

I love my Manny so much. To be owned by a Siamese is pure heaven.

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Jul 30, 2010
Siamese angels
by: Lisa

They definately are angels. They're so loving. They follow you, they'll play ball with you, and the amazing thing is that they'll talk to you.

I talk to my Manny a lot. He'll lay down on my lap on the couch and extend one arm so his paw rests on my heart and he'll look up at me as I talk and just listen. I'll rub his paw and he doesn't move it. Only an angel can literally touch your heart and that's my Manny.

But the odd thing is the very first Siamese I met, a Sealpoint, when I was seven, scared me to death! How ironic that the Siamese now, is the only cat I'll own.

Jul 29, 2010
Beautiful story !
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing ! The tears were flowing ! How lucky we all our to be loved by our cats ! God sent us pure angels in these cats.

Jul 27, 2010
Joy over Rainbow Bridge
by: Lisa

Boy that brought tears to my eyes. To be eventually reunited with all my pets from childhood and adulthood who'll remember me is awesome!

Jul 27, 2010
Your Manny
by: Lynn

What a beautiful story, it really made me cry! Oh how we love our kitties.

Here is my link to rainbow bridge, it always makes me cry no matter how many times I read it.

Siamese have such strong personalities, and to be owned by one is amazing and only a person who is owned by a Siamese understands that.

He is such a beautiful cat


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