The Best Cat Litter

So what is the best cat litter? This is an ongoing topic often discussed among cat owners. Are their particular brands that are superior to others?  Are there specific brands that make less mess? Or ones that cover up odors better? 

Even though the FDA regulates a lot of products for your pets, like pet meds and food, they do not regulate anything about litter, this is true about all other cat products like cat beds and toys. So the decision of who decides the best cat litter products depends on you the buyer and of course your fur baby. 

The thing is, if your cats are anything like mine, they have specific likes and dislikes that change. I really enjoyed the Arm & Hammer “Naturals” clumping litter. Made with corn. All was fine until one of my cats decided to stop using the litter box and was pooping all behind the entertainment center. So I had to go back to regular clay clumping litter, then all was fine again. 

According to veterinarians, most cats prefer clumping unscented litter.  This, of course, depends on your cat. Cats do not like highly scented smells. They can be really standoffish with strong scents, especially if it’s citrus-scented. Citrus scents are actually used as a cat deterrent if you want them to stop scratching specific surfaces or used in places where they may urinate in places besides the litter box. I at times use plain baking soda, sprinkled in litter boxes to eliminate odors. 

Good clumping litters allow easy removal of urine and feces, therefore you do not need to dump the entire box of litter. It easily allows the replacement of clean litter, as it is being used. It also allows you to clean the box less often. 

Lately the best cat litter of my choice has been the SLIDE Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter.  As it implies, it is very easy to clean, because it does not stick to the bottom. Plus it is dust free. It is higher up in price, but I feel that in the long run it saves more money because of the ease of clumping and clean up. My multi-cat home of 5 are all good with it. If that changes, than I will find something else that works. I like that it is dust free, that just makes it easier for me and clean up around the box. 

The Best Cat Litter - Litter Safety

Is there a cat litter that is the safest to use? Most commercial cat litters are very safe for cats. I prefer litters with less dust. That is only for my personal preference, my cats do not seem to care. Cat Litter is more worrisome for dogs that will eat it. I had a problem with a dog that tended to eat the poop out of the litter box. If done too often it can cause severe blockages in a dog’s intestinal tract. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Litter Box?

It is good to scoop the litter box once or twice a day. I think that people can vary, and cats are pretty forgiving of this. For my multicat house, I use 3 very large boxes, they are 2-3 times the size of a regular litter box. Scooping the litter box at least once a day is best, more if you prefer. I find that the mess is easier to clean if you scoop more often, then letting it over clump after several days, the litter last longer if you scoop it more often. 

When you empty and clean the litter box it is best to use warm water and unscented soap. 

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