Black Cat Lore

Who decided that black cats are bad luck? What proof do they have? What are the origins? Black cats are gorgeous, they are mini sleek house panthers. What is not lucky about that? My beautiful black Goddess (Reece is her name) has hair like satin, so shiny and soft. I do not know what makes her fur different from the other cats. Her personality is of pure sweetness. She likes to chase her own shadow and has this very low raspy meow. When it comes to intelligence and brightness, well, let's just say she makes it up in her sweetness. We call her “sweet molasses.” I think she is just beautiful, my beautiful black Goddess cat! 

The folklore of black cats varies from culture to culture. The Scottish believe that the arrival of a black cat signifies prosperity. In Great Britain and Japan, they are considered good luck, and in Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the Cat Sith takes the form of a black cat. 

Black Cats and the Salem Witch Trials

It is Western history where black cats became the lore of legends as the symbol for evil omens. This has its origins in the beginning of American history and the infamous witch trials of Salam. Black cats were suspected of being the familiars of witches, or that they were actually witches that could shape-shift. The Pilgrims were very devout in their faith to the Bible, and were suspicious of anything deemed of Satan. They viewed the black cat as a companion to witches and if anyone was caught with a black cat they would be punished or even killed. They viewed black cats as a form of sorcery which led them to kill all black cats. 

Black Cats of the Present

Now most of America and Europe consider that black cat symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path of a person. This is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death. In Germany it is believed that if the cat crosses a person path from right to left, it is a bad omen, but if it is from left to right than then that is considered a good omen. 

In shelters black cats are not adopted as much as other cats and generally take longer to find homes. Some shelters also suspend or limit the adoption of black cats around Halloween for fear of them being tortured or used as living decorations for the holidays, only to be abandoned afterwards. 

Of course we who worship cats, deem them as black Goddess or Gods. After all, they deserve that don’t they? We just have to be extra careful when they are in your computer chair or sleeping on the carpet in the dark. They are quite easy to step on being camouflaged by the night. 

So next time you see a beautiful black cat, thank it for making its sweet presence to you, and for bringing to you great beauty. 

It was a strange occurrence when Reece made her appearance to us. She showed up on halloween night, (of all nights) with her brother Pumpkin.  She is black and he is orange, what a combination. So from here on out, they are also known as the halloween kitties. 

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