Boots Roman

by Sarah
(Gloucester, VA)

Boots after surgery. So happy to be home :)

Boots after surgery. So happy to be home :)

Our cat Boots is a siamese mix with either himalayian or persian (the vet isn't quite sure which, but he has a squishy face and the cutest underbite :) ) He is about 6months old. We got him from someone who was advertising them in the paper "two siamese kittens $20.00 each". We jumped on the ad, the owner wasn't sure if they were male or female...odd. My fiance drove about 40 minutes to go look at them. I told him I did not want another male cat (we've had bad experiences in the past) he said okay. He told me when he pulled up in the drive way there were at least 10 cats who ran up to the car. He knocked on the door and he said all you smelled was urine. The man took him out to the screened in porch where the kitten was. He said that he was one of 21 cats living in this man's screened in porch. The man was dumping cat food into an old litter pan and the cats were fighting for the food. He saw our kitten. He was trying to get to the food, the older, bigger cats were fighting him away. He picked the kitten up and realized it was a male. He couldn't leave him. He gave the man $20.00 and left. When he got home he told me not to be mad, but that he got a male cat. I wasn't thrilled but when he pulled him out of his coat I could see why he wouldn't leave him. He was skin and bones. My daughter and I had already been to the store to get a litter pan, toys, and food. I immediately put him in front of the food. He was looking over his shoulder as if someone was going to attack him away from the food. He eventually stopped that and began to eat. His little belly as the size of a softball when he was done. He was shaking for the first day he was home, but started purring non stop. My 2 1/2 year old named him Boots. (her favorite tv character is Boots from Dora the Explorer) We made an appointment to get him vaccinated and fixed/declawed. When we took him in the Dr. said they couldn't vaccinate or do surgery...he had a severe upper respitory infection (which would explain the constant sneezing) they gave him antibiotics and he went a week later for surgery. I told the vet his story and she said that he is lucky to have adoptive parents like us. In the short two months we've had him he has doubled in size and is a very happy house cat. No more screened in porch for him.

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Jun 28, 2010
by: judy from Long island

It sounds as though Boots came from a hoarding situation. It's important to notify the local ASPCA to the situation, particularly since your little boy had some serious health issues. Best of luck with him.

May 22, 2010
More photos of Boots
by: Tibet's MeMe

What a sad story with at least a happy ending for Boots.

I agree, you should contact the local Humane Society to help the other cats.

More photos of Boots please. He has such a sweet face.

Mar 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Its so nice you gave him a home. You should report that animal abuser!

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