Born on Friday the 13th!...

by Bénédicte
(Hoorn - The Netherlands)



My 2 kittens were born on February the 13th. I thought it was rather cool!

I was delighted to hear that the 2 of them were available… as it was not the case at first: at birth the breeder thought she had 2 little boys and someone else had already shown interest! But here they are : Kiko, such a sweet little girl, and Pépin, a big huggy boy!
About the meaning of their names :
Kiko = “Ki” or “Chi”, stands for Universel Energy like in Reiki/Tai Chi… en “Ko” just means child in Japanese… all in all, it just fit her!!
Pépin = is a very old French name really (I think the last Human Pépin was born in the 50´s). In French, it also means “Pit” like the one you´d find in an apple.
At first, we just talked about 1 Siamese cat… but you know how women are?! The truth is we already had 2 other cats: an elderly of 18 years old (Penny) and a 9 years old girl (Kayak) we rescued from a holiday in Belgium. I had reasons to believe the welcoming would not be very warm and I thought they wouldn´t feel so lost if they were the 2 of them. Of course, things are just fine now but Kayak had a hard time accepting them!
Kiko & Pépin are 6 months old now. They are lovely, sweet, busy, curious, huggy, present… and we just love them!

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Sep 19, 2011
siamese cats
by: patsy forbus

loved your picture. I have 3 year old chocolate point siamese, his name is kiki, he came to me as a gift 6 weeks old. he is lease trained very smart. beautiful , loving, devoted. my best friend always by my side.very healthy, playful and energetic, his colors have changed , he is no longer white. wish you luck with your cats. thanks

Sep 04, 2009
Kiko and Pépin
by: Annet

Hi, nice to meet a fellow countrywoman who loves Siamese too on a website of an American woman.
What a beauties you have and what a nice names you have given them. I hope you will keep them for years and of you and the other cats will have much fun with the young siamese.

Groetjes en wie weet tot ziens!

Annet (Ik woon in Kruiningen, Zeeland)

Aug 24, 2009
Born on Friday 13th
by: Denise (UK)

What a beautiful picture of your cats, they are adorable and I am sure bring you hours of pleasure watching their antics if my Dominic is anything to go by.

Aug 20, 2009

Beautiful picture! What a pair. What's better than one Siamese? Two Siamese.


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