Bubuye my naughty cat

by rina

sulking ...

It's already 1 month 1 week Bubuye with us. Well, actualy she's not a pure siamese.Our vet told us that Bubuye is mixed long haired siamese.

Her stories starts when my neighbour who had a dog found her roaming nearby the trash for more than 1 week.So, after she was sure that nobody is taking care of this cat, she took this cat to her mom's house.for first 1 week, they did take care of this cat.But after got another dog that cannot get along with this cat, they decided to throw this cat away.
As me and my husband always play wit this cat, before my neighbour throw her, they decided to give this cat to us.So we name it as Bubuye. After 5 days, we bring her to vet and doc was satified with her health.bubuye is 5 month and a half old that time.

At our home..bubuye was very naughty.She love to play with anything that can moved when she touch it.Bubuye always make me laugh.Her fav food is cheese cake.Only cheese cake she will eat. She's also very sensitive,she's start sulking if i scold her or i told her that she's smelly.And i am the one who have to talk to her so she will stop sulking..hehehe..

she soooo adorable.she dont want to be lonely.if i am in shower, she will wait for me in front of the bathroom door, if i am praying, she'll sit nearby me.

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May 19, 2011
cheese cake is not everyday
by: anizarina

Hi..tks for the comment. Well, bubuye is crazy about cheescake but i did not feed her with cheese cake everyday. i give her blackwood kibble + rc kibble. once a week, i feed her with chicken(boiled chicken). I did spay her last 2-3 month ..she's now 1 years and 2 mnth already. i also adopt one kitten, male kitten that one of my friend manage to rescue him. :)..now bubuye is happy with her new little brother :)

Mar 08, 2011
by: Charlie

hi rina, i hope your cat is eating other foods beside cheesecake, try raw fish,chicken,pork and beef, if that doesn't work try cooking the meats a bit. and cats love the dry cat biscuits. cheesecake will rot her teeth and reduce her lifespan. only give her a bit now and then.
Allah has blessed you by giving her to you.

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