Can a kitten be "trained" if early enough ?

by Linda

Hi, I am going to foster a siamese kitten from a shelter, she is about 7 or 8 weeks old I am guessing. Animal Care does not know her age.

I did not want a siamese because of the crying, I just lost my dog who cried all the time and while it was so cute with him, I really want quiet. Ha.

This kitten stood out because she was the only one not crying in her cage. I decided to give her a chance and see if I could get her home and teach her not to cry. I had read they cry for attention and if you do not give into them they will learn to stop. Of course I gave into my dog all the time and I knew I shouldn't but he was an old rescue and I figured at his age he should be spoiled rotten. Now that I am getting a youngster I am hoping I will not give into their every desire. lol

I am also concerned about her stratching up my furniture and I do not like the idea of declawing and asked my vet about it. She said they can be trained to use the post with catnip and something to play with around it.

I had dogs the last 20 years and did grow up with cats and remember my mother having all her furniture covered and the furniture ripped to shreds underneath.
I do not want that, I cannot afford new furniture and like what I have.

I thought long and hard about this and discussed all my concerns with the people at AC too. That is when they told me about the foster program and said I could bring her back if it does not work out. I have never returned a rescue to Animal Control where they put them down so I am trying to make the right decision before I take her.
She was quiet as a mouse and I am hoping there is some way to keep her that way since she is so young and has no bad habits yet.
Is there a way to train a young kitten like this or will her nature just take over ? Does anyone have a quiet siamese ?

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Oct 24, 2011
Hi ! just trying to help,
by: angelina diantonio

You seem to need her more than she needs you. First of all kittens cry because they are need comforting from their mother. Think of how you would feel if you were scared and in a new environment. Animals have the same feelings as we do. The kitten is scared to death !! Take one step at a time. Have patience and love the kitten. Animals will fell your every thought and emotion. Life is about taking chances. You will never encounter uncondional love like the love from an animal and babies. Pure and endearing. Cherish every moment !!!I have been rescuing animals all my life,but I must tell you in truth they have rescued me !!! Remember patience is a virtue. Step back and take a deep breath,life will take its course . If you feel you cannot help the kitten ,let some else step in . Read these and any questions I would love to help. My skype is : angiolena . My email is : . Read these : /

Oct 22, 2011
Sorry I thought I could add pic
by: Linda

Not good on computer. I thought I could add a pic but had to do a separate post.

Oct 22, 2011
Here is her pic
by: Linda

What kind of siamese is she ? Is it too early to tell if she is a wege or apple head ?

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