Can a lilac cat have black kittens?

by Lisa Brett
(Brisbane Australia)

My beautiful lilac oriental 'Willow' gave birth to four beautiful kittens 5 days ago. I thought the father was my siamese cream point 'Mango' (pictured above). However the kittens are so dark. Two of them are black and two chocolate. willow's mother was an oriental tortoiseshell, so I know there is that dark colour in her genes. I was just very surprised that the white of my Mango did not come out in the kittens. So do you think that maybe Willow actually bred with another cat?

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Dec 28, 2011
siamese kittens
by: dawn

our indoor always simaese female (chlocolate?) got outside & was lost for a while. dring this time she got pregnant & had 2 black kittens. they have her features (pointed ears, blue almond eyes, etc) but they are black with a hint of a stripe. we are not sure what the dad is.

Nov 28, 2011
Can someone answer me please???
by: lisa Brett

My beautiful kittens are doing well. They are so cute. Still not sure what gender they are but I am sure the vet will tell me when we visit him in a few days. I am really curious to hear what people have to say about the colour issue I have. Please if you have any sdvice an this subject would you let me know.

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