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Jul 12, 2016
biting Siamese
by: Mindy

Hi! I have had several Siamese in my life and have never had a biting problem until now! Our perfect playful little kitten started biting at about 9 months, you could pet her for a few minutes and then she would turn around a bite 2 or 3 times-she would never break the skin but just nip. It is confusing bc she seems to do it when she is asking to be pet! We ended up getting another siamese kitten and having a playmate curbed her biting by about 97%. She will still bite me (only me and no one else in the family-I am her person) when she is rubbing all over my legs wanting to be pet. Can't figure it out! But a playmate really helped!

Jun 30, 2013
bitting siamese!!
by: Anonymous

My Miko did the same thing to me when she was little. My vet suggested that I let my arm and hand go completely limp. the idea is that if her prey seems dead she shouldn't continue to attack your arm. I have done this any time she starts this behavior. It works for me rather well. the only time I remove her from me is when she gets that glazed over look in her eyes. Then I know she means business. When this happens I try to gently but firmly grab by the scruff and get enough control of her to pry her away. This works too but you must very careful because you don't want to scare her or make her feel threatened. Sometimes I can gently talk her down. After a few times of that I decided to give her a kick toy. She didn't like that at all. Instead she went for the paper towel tube. So, now that's what she takes her pent up energy and wild kittiness out on instead of my hand and arm. Good luck *^^*

Jun 26, 2013
Thank you
by: Beatrice

Thank you for your comments. My girl likes to have her belly rubbed. Go figure! She doesn't mind her tail being stroked either. Sometimes I hold it still for her so she can lick it and she goes at it.

Jun 26, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments. I've had seven cats in my past (2 female Siamese) and never have seen this aggression.

I am being selective in how I use my hands with her. Also, she loves getting on the counters and spraying her with water doesn't much phase her. She is one sassy girl!

Jun 26, 2013
Cat behaviour
by: Beatrice

Hello there,

My chocolate Siamese still can get very aggressive with me and plunge her little shap fangs into my skin, she is not as bad as she used to be, so I tapped her and let her know that this behaviour was not acceptable and she has improved, but never ever stroke them on their belly, that is a no, no with Siamese and they will bite you if you do it! I learnt to my dismay the hard way.

Divert her attention and let her know who is boss, after all now is the right time when she is still learning how to behave. The Siamese are smart animals and they will pick up pretty quickly what is acceptable and what is not!

Good luck,


Jun 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

You are doing the right thing by diverting her attention with toys and removing yourself from her when she becomes aggressive. Never "play" with her using your hands, and if she is attacking you during a petting session, you may be over stimulating her. You will eventually learn to judge her behavior before getting bit, and she will learn that your hands are not play things. Good luck!

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