Cat Body Language

Most cat language is expressed by cat body language.

Through body language and demeanor your cat is a skilled communicator. Some of the cat’s body language and vocalization is clear. It’s up to us to learn how to interpret it by checking out their actions, or non-actions, their position and their eyes, whiskers and tail. 

Cat body language

Aggressive behavior

• If the kitty has staring eyes with contracted pupils, ears up and turned back, with head and tail extended with a stiff-legged stance, this suggests a serious challenge.

• If the hair along the back spine rises and his tail bushes, this kitty is on the verge of attacking. The bushing of the hair is a defense mechanism to make the cat appear larger and more aggressive. During this time instincts take over and the cat is so enraged that he cannot reason. He will not recognize a beloved human or a cat buddy and will attack. Indoors this rarely happens, but the rage center can be set off by the scent from one male to another.

• At the other extreme end of the confrontation is submissiveness. In this cat body language, ears are flattened down to the sides of the head, and pupils are dilated. The cat will crouch or roll over to protect itself from a feared attack. If you are present during such a confrontation do not try to touch them. Make a loud noise, squirt them with a water gun, pitch a soft pillow, or put a coat or blanket between them to break the spell of rage and fear between them.

Friendly Language

Cat Body Language

The friendly face of a cat has an open look. In this type of cat body language the ears are pointed forward along with its whiskers. The size of the pupils is appropriate to the light level. The body is relaxed and the tail is up like a flagpole.

The most ultimate sign of trust and friendship is the slow blink. Cats will do this at each other and to their human. It is a way of your cat saying “I love you”. You can initiate this friendly exchange by looking into those beautiful blue eyes of your Siamese and blink slowly. Crouch down to your Siamese at her level and give her some slow blinks, in time she will start blinking in return.

Cat grooming

Grooming is expressed between cats to show friendliness and is learned from the time when your cat was a kitten. A sign of great affection is expressed when cats groom each other. When you rub your cat gently or brush her she sees this as affection from you. Cat kisses are rarely given to humans but if you can take the rough tongue of your Siamese than this is her greatest sign of affection.

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