Cat Kicking With Back Legs

by Barbara
(Tacoma wa)

I have a seal point female siamese that had kittens 34 days ago. I have noticed that she grabs them and uses her back legs to rake the kitten's underbelly at times, causing them to meow. Is this normal cat behavior?

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Nov 11, 2019
Cats Bunny Kick
by: Lynn

Thanks for finding my site. From the information that I gathered, this is her way of teaching her kittens.

This is called "bunny kicking," and it can be a form of play or aggression. I know that it might seem painful to the kittens, or difficult to watch but hopefully it does not cause any harm. She is probably teaching them how to perform that action.

Cats may use their hind feet to kick their adversaries when fighting one another. By lying on their backs or sides, cats can use all four sets of claws and teeth at the same time to fight. This strategy optimizes the amount of damage a cat can inflict on their opponent.

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