Types of Cat Litter

Types of Litter

With the many types of cat litter and brands, to keep a cleaner litter box , go with a scoopable clumping litter. So what is the best cat litter? Cats prefer fine-grained litters because they have a softer feel. Most clumping litters have a fine texture. If you prefer the typical clay litters, a higher quality, dust-free type are relatively small grained. It’s good to find a brand that you and your cat are happy with and stick to it. There are some really good quality affordable litters like Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, Scoop Away, which are really good. All of these brands make dust free, ultra clump, multiple cat formula, and a crystal blend. The crystal blends are best for odor control. Once I tried just the straight litter crystals, but my cats did not like it too much.

There are also options to using an eco-friendly-cat litter. These are becoming very popular and are not only found at pet stores but department stores also. I use a corn-based litter made from whole kernel corn. This works great, is dust free, and clumps really well. I also keep one litter box that contains a ultra clumping clay litter for a particular kitty that does not like the corn based. For a great article on eco-friendly litter go here: Eco-Friendly-Cat-Litter Options

When it comes to the depth of the litter, most people think that more is better. After all, if you have more litter, than you would not have to clean it as often. Most cats only prefer a couple of inches because they like to feel the bottom of the litter box when they scratch and dig in the litter.

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