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Cat Product Reviews

This is my Cat Product Reviews Page. These are various products that I have purchased in the past and products that I use on a daily basis or when needed. 

Seresto Cat Collar

This will be my third year using Seresto. It is not that I have tried others and found this to be a better brand, but I have definitely researched other flea and tick collars and have determined that this is the best. You may find collars that brag about having natural products like essential oils that naturally get rid of fleas, but many types of essential oils can be very bad for cats. The other types of chemicals found in flea colors have also shown to cause irritation and allergic reactions in some cats. According to thousands of costumers’ reviews on Amazon, this one is the best. 

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Veken Pet Fountain    

Before purchasing the Veken pet fountain, It has been many years sense I used a pet fountain for my cats. The last one I used was bigger and bulkier and more difficult to add water in. Along with soft food (I make my own cat food), I also feed them a dry kibble. In a multi-cat home, I leave it out for them to eat all day. It works good for them and me, and none of my cats are too over weight. At night I feed them the soft liquidly food. Cats are not normally big drinkers of water, so it’s important to entice them to drink. Their wild counterparts are used to catching fresh prey and when they need water, they normally drink running water from a stream. You have probably noticed how your cats love to drink out of the water spicket, sometimes even the toilet. They prefer fresh running water. 

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I have used Feliway on occasions when I had cats that would behave aggressive to each other. If you have owned a cat, or have a multi-cat home, then you are aware of the complex behaviors that our beloveds can have. This is absolutely true when getting a new cat. It is estimated that about 75% of cat owners will have problems in cat behavior. It is quite understandable to understand this, when cats in the wild are free to roam around and are not confined to small spaces where they and other cats eat and relieve themselves. 

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