Cat Scratching Solutions

For cat scratching solutions there are different methods to refrain your cat from scratching on your furniture, channeling his efforts to acceptable areas, choosing the appropriate scratching surfaces, and find the best locations for the scratching posts.

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Stopping Cats From Scratching Furniture

I will start with what has worked well for me. Since I tend to go with comfort rather than look in my home, “home décor” is not my priority. The best way I keep my cats from scratching up the couch and other furniture is to cover them. Cats will not sink their nails into loose fabric. The covering for my furniture is actually prettier than the fabric from with it is made, so pretty covering works great. Other cat scratching solutions that work would be taping aluminum foil in particular places where your kitty scratches, or using double sided sticky tape (they really don’t like the feel of this). When cats scratch the surface of your furniture they are also leaving their particular scents to establish their territory. Cover the cats scent by using a citrus aroma, cats do not like the smell of citrus and this might discourage your cat from scratching.

If you catch your cat in the act of doing something they shouldn’t be doing a loud and abrupt noise will stop them in action. Yelling, shaking coins in a plastic bottle or smacking rolled newspaper next to them should also do the trick. Others have suggested using a squirt bottle on your cat, but this only works for cats who do not like water. Make sure that when you do this you must catch your cat in the act of scratching. Scolding your cat afterwards will not help; he will not understand why he is being scolded. Just keep in mind that cats do what they are not suppose to do when you are not present, they are smart and sneaky.

Training your cat to scratch acceptable objects

Cat scratching solutions

Your cat must scratch something so you need to supply your cat with acceptable objects. Important things to consider:

1. What appeals to you may not appeal to your kitty. When deciding which kind of acceptable scratching posts to use remember that it is important to have something that is appealing and convenient to your cat. If you bring home something that is only appealing to you she might just look at you with a blank stare and walk away. Don’t ever take it upon yourself to show her how to use the post by taking her front paws and make scratching motions on the object. Not only will she struggle until she gets herself free but she might look at the object now with distain. Cats to do not like to be made to do anything, they must choose to do so.

2. What are appropriate surfaces? For cat scratching solutions cats like rough surfaces that they can sink their nails in and shred to pieces. Though something like a tree stump or trunk is best, after all that is natures scratching post. Scratching posts need to be tall enough for your kitty to extend her full body; most important is that it must be secure. Cats scratch in usually one of two ways. They may extend their entire body when they stretch to scratch, for this one you will need to provide a tall sturdy starching surface. The other way cats scratch is by only working their shoulder muscles. A flat scratching surface works great for this type of scratching. These types can stay flat on the floor or mounted up at an angel. No matter what height the scratching surface is, it must be stable. If the post or board falls it will frighten your kitty and she will likely not use it again. Scratching surfaces come in different textures and your cat may prefer one over the other. I have shag carpet in my house which cats do not bother. I bought pieces of flat inexpensive carpet and used Velcro to attach it to various door frames around the house that the cats preferred – they loved it! Most textures for scratching include rope-wrapped posts, carpet, or cardboard.

Location is important

For cat scratching solutions, think about where your kitty scratches the most and that will be the most important location to put the scratching post. Your kitty will be where the family resides the most, do not stick it in some dark corner. I have a very large cat tree/condo with 9 rope-wrapped posts. It is placed in our den where we reside the most and placed in front of a window for peering outside. If you have a large house and your family resides in various locations, more than one scratching surface may be useful. I have several small low cost flat posts around the house.

Getting Kitty to prefer the post

For cat scratching solutions, you can encourage your kitty to use her post by feeding, giving treats, and playing with her by the post. Rubbing catnip leaves into the post may entice her. Use a string or toy and have her to chase it around the post. Make this a pleasurable experience. Offer her rewards when she uses it.

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