Cat Sense of Smell

cat nose

The cat sense of smell is about fourteen times as strong as human’s. Your cat receives important feedback about his world through his smelling. The cat’s olfactory senses help him communicate with others of his own kind and determine the potential risks and pleasures associated with his surroundings.

Cats have a special sense organ in the roof of their mouths called the Jacobson’s organ which enables them to taste sent molecules in the air. With this amazing olfactory acuity, your cat can detect the presence of other animals outside your home and can identify the strange smells of animals on your clothes that you have made contact with.

A cat’s acute ability for smell helps establish his boundaries and territories. He will mark his territory by depositing his own urine and rubbing skin secretions on important objects in the environment. Cats also use their smell rather than their taste to determine whether the food you’ve offered them is appealing.

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