Your Cat Stories

So many memories of cat stories.  For me it began in 1990, the year I got my first cat. I really did not care for cats, I thought they were aloof and antisocial. I liked dogs, not cats. Well, that first cat so happened to be a seal point Siamese. The owners didn't want her anymore, and I felt sorry for her, and took her... and the rest is history, ah... the memories, sweet and sad. 

But now, Id like to turn the tables on you. I would love to hear about your wonderful cat stories. 

Siamese Cat Answers

Go here: Siamese Cat Answers

This is questions and answers to anything about Siamese. If you have a question, please submit it. Or if you have any amazing advice please give that too. 

Siamese Cat Stories

Go here for Siamese Stories.

This is where Siamese enthusiasts who would like to share their stories, poems they have written, or dedications to a past on kitty tell their story. Show off your meezer, download pictures. Who has the cutest Siamese? Everyone loves to look at Siamese pictures and the stories behind them. 

For the Love of All Cats Stories

Go here For the Love of All Cats

I love all cats, I think all cats are beautiful. I have a multi-cat home, and only one of them is a Siamese.  I have a beautiful kitty that I call my "soul kitty." She has huge green eyes, and she looks into your soul. She is a very petite calico. She is 13 years old and I have had her sense she was a kitten. 

Siamese Relatives Cat Stories

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When it comes to the Siamese relatives there may be a lot of gray areas. There are many exotic Oriental cats who have direct links to the Siamese, while others are believed to be, and some histories are unclear.

If you have a Siamese relative, or a type of oriental cat please share your pictures and stories. 

This is my sweet girl "Cleo" short for Cleocatra, the queen of the house. She is sort of the jealous type. We always say that the space around her is the "Cleo zone", and if anyone gets inside of it (especially other cats) they will get wacked! Cleo rarely ever just walks, she runs and spazzes all over the house. She is a very tiny cat, not much more than 5 pounds, but that is 5 pounds of pure catitude! 

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