Cat Vomiting

Cat Vomiting

Cat vomiting may be caused by various reasons. Some cats vomit often, some very rarely. Cats may vomit and not be sick as in humans. As long as your kitty eats normally, plays, uses the litter box, and is not losing weight, there should be no reason for concern.

Causes of Cat Vomiting

Hairballs - Most often vomiting in cats is caused by hairballs. A cat can have a hairball problem in his stomach and not vomit hair. Usually the hairball is located in the part of the stomach that exits into the intestines. The hair ball blocks the food from going into the intestines and will be upchucked on your carpet 10-15 minutes later. The food is usually undigested. Your kitty will not experience no real nausea or cramping and will go back to eating after vomiting. The hairball will eventually be vomited or forced into the intestine to be digested and passed.

Since cats are carnivores their gut can handle fur. Cats that eat pray will also eat the fur of the animal. In domesticated cats, breeding has created cats with much longer fur. Cats with long fur can have greater hairball problems. The best remedy for hairballs is prevention. This is usually in the form of a malt-flavored petroleum jelly in a tube . These products will coat the hair preventing the hair from entangling into a hair ball. Pats of butter will also work. If your kitty won’t eat it on their own free will, rub some on top of their paw. Rub it in thoroughly because too much will cause your cat to shake it off. 

• Overeating or eating too quickly is another common reason for cat vomiting, especially in dry food. When your kitty eats dry food it will absorb water and swell and she will have to throw it back up. If the cat vomit looks like a semi-solid tube of partially digested dry food, than this could be causing the problem. Even though dry food is often the problem, overeating wet food can also cause cat vomiting. One of my cats sometimes binges on wet food and often throws it up.

• Your cat may vomit because of food allergies. You can try using another brand. Cat food without food coloring is best.  

Other causes may be:

• The food is too cold, cats typically like their food at body temperature. 

• The food has been kept out too long and is spoiled

• Hunger – hunger can cause your kitty to throw up and the vomit is usually yellow and frothy.

• Eating grass can cause your kitty to vomit but this is usually due to hunger or the need of fiber.

• Poor teeth and gum will cause your cat to gulp food because it is too painful to chew. 

• Intestinal parasites - I was very shocked when my Siamese girl threw up a large roundworm. I had no idea she had them. 

• Poisons - When a cat eats something poisonous, their body’s protective mechanisms kick in to remove the toxin, usually through vomiting. Common poisons include certain human foods, certain plants, human medications, insecticides, and certain chemicals. 

• Constipation

Read more about Vomiting in Cats from Veterinarians. 

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