Cat will not let me sleep

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Hello, I have a Siamese cat named Ramona. She is five years old. My wife and I have two girls under 4, and a great little 20 pound dog. The dog and Ramona love each other and rough-house all the time.

Ramona is very affectionate, and unfortunately she has begun a habit in the last two years that is causing some real problems.

She starts trying to wake me up (about 70% of mornings) at 5:00-5:30. That's no problem during the week since I normally get up between 4:30 and 5:15. But on weekends, sometimes I like to get up that early, and sometimes I don't. I am a tired and busy man and I need my energy to be a dad, a husband, a handy man, a yard maintenance guy, etc, etc.

I cannot afford on weekends to be walkin' around half dead because I couldn't get some sleep.

She starts around 5:15. She presses her paws into me, she purrs loudly, and begins meowing. She tickles my nose with her whiskers. This persists from 2 to 10 minutes. Then she goes away for a while. A lot of times I am able to go back to sleep.

In about ten more minutes, she starts round two. This is when she really starts the full court press. I usually can't go back to sleep after this because there is always a LOT of meowing during "round two" and heavy duty paw-pressing. If I manage to go back to sleep after this, there's no way I can stay asleep during "round three."

I wouldn't mind if she would just curl up next to me and lay still, but this is a very active and obvious attempt to wake me up.

I know part of this is that Ramona wants to go outside in our fenced back yard, which I allow her to do about 20% of mornings. The other part is that she is just plain affectionate. I love that about her but she's driving me NUTS!!!! And I don't want to shut the door on her at night (although that's probably my answer). And it's not like she's a dog and she's "trainable." And I sure don't want to get rid of her, she's part of the family. Does anyone have any tricks to stop this behavior?

Tired on Saturday again (and I can't afford to be!!)

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Oct 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Every winter my family takes care of our grandparents siamese, likewise she is kind and cute, but the sleep thing is true. She meows very loudly if she wants to get out of the room or into the room. My sister has a half siamese that does circuts of running around your body in wide circles. You either need to distract them with something else or keep them closed away in their own place with their food and litter box.

Apr 19, 2010
waking up
by: Anonymous

my siamese does the same thing, although its around 8am, so its more of a good thing he wakes me! maybe if you left out a bowel of water, or some food in your room it wouldnt be so bad, as it may distract her in the mornin wen she wants attention!

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