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Our Siamese cat is healthy, friendly, intelligent...but lately has begun to talk incessantly, as though he wants something desperately. He can go out in the yard without danger of getting away, he can sit or sleep wherever he wants, he eats regularly and sleeps happily in our bed through the night. BUT he won't stop whining and talking during the day--what is going on?

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Nov 14, 2010
Unanswered Questions
by: judy from Long Island

Assuming that your cat is neutered (he is, right?)
and that this is new behavior on his part, there may be something that's disturbing him during the day. Have you checked your house for anything out of the ordinary, i.e., a dead (or live) critter? How old is he? If he's a senior, it's possible he may be getting a bit senile? Have you recently lost another pet who was a companion? Could he be lonely? Could you give a few more details?

Nov 14, 2010
Its their way of talking back
by: Rebecca

Siamese cats think they are human and thats their way of talking to you. He may or may not want something he just wants to talk. My siamese always have something to say, just try to talk back to him

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